History of Bowenvale Communications

Started in 1989, Don Gould lived in a Bowenvale Avenue in Christchurch.  At 19, he was an entrepreneur, excited about technology and telecommunications from an early age.  He wanted to build a business rather than just ‘find a job’, but the ‘business’ needed a name.  His farther suggested ‘Bowenvale Communications’, and so ‘Bowenvale’ was born.

In the early days we installed and sold telecommunication systems like mobile phones and PABX systems around Christchurch directly to end users and also on contract to a number of local retailers.

In 1990 we started working with local software development house, Business Tools (NZ) Ltd, designing and supporting their telephone call billing software solution for business and hotels.  This project lead to project managing the redesign of a new version sold to Philips in Singapore for the Asian market place.

We also provided technical writing for end user documentation and project managed printing and packaging for local and international software packages.

Our Point of Difference

Our point of difference was being able and willing to resolve complex ‘small computer system’ problems.  We provided IT support to the Canterbury division of the Cancer Society for about 6 years.

In 1993 we started developing software solutions using Microsoft Visual Basic, Access and the Jet database engine.

We developed a range of VBA based telephony applications including a resource management tool for analysing telephone line congestion or over resourcing on large phone systems used by companies like Pyne Gould Corporation and Hertz Rental Cars.

We’ve also developed software solutions that intergrate the telephone and paging networks to shopping mall air conditioning systems.  Clients included Westfields in Christchurch and Palmerston North Health Board.

International Clients

Crossing boarders can be a challenge for some companies.  We’ve shown companies how to do business in New Zealand while being based in other countries.  From coordinating foreign telephone networks, integrating billing software with foreign banks to building robust business processes to give a company a ‘New Zealand feel’ while being operated from overseas.

Imaging Solutions and Document Storage Systems

We’ve developed a number of image management and document storage solutions including the ability to read optical data and present it for a range of stakeholders.

We build systems with the assumption that your data needs to be access from lots of locations, needs to be stored securely while also being audit-able.

Design Services

We design everything in computer technology from small computer software applications to town, suburban wide telecommunication networks.

Telecommunications Consultation, Project Planning and Relationship Building

We can build stuff, but we can also just plan and consult on it too.  Our strength is in ‘not being defensive’. Often in the technical space people feel a need to ‘run for cover’ and ‘cover butt’.

Our skill is to work with people to build robust relationships.  Getting technical people to align with business and policy people can be hard.  A skill that often only comes with gray hair.

Technical Writing

We can and do write English words, and lots of them.  With our partners, we can get your words on paper, on screen, or where ever you need them to convey your message.  We have over 25 years experience writing technical instruction manuals that people actually use.

About Partners

We’ve helped build and manage companies over the decades and built up an extensive network or local and global partners.  We hold shares in some while having resource sharing agreements with others.

We’re always on the look out for new partners that we can introduce to our networks, so reach out.

Our Blog

We love to blog, we love to share technical and social stuff, so follow our blog!

Web Site Production and Social Media Management

Project Management

Building www, blog sites, setting up facebook, twitter, google

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