History of Bowenvale Communications Started in 1989, Don Gould lived in a Bowenvale Avenue in Christchurch.  At 19, he was an entrepreneur, excited about technology and telecommunications from an early age.  He wanted to build a business rather than just […]

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Consultation and Planning

We can build stuff, but we can also just plan and consult on it too.  Our strength is in ‘not being defensive’. Often in the technical space people feel a need to ‘run for cover’ and ‘cover butt’. Our skill […]

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Our Partners

We build businesses too.  We’re passionate about entrepreneurship, building relationships and making concepts migrate from idea to functional systems. We do this with business partners.  Here’s just a few of our key partners. Think Design Print We built Think Design […]

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Our Projects

Current Stuff We’ve built so much stuff over the last three decades that it’s just getting hard to list it all! www.yournet.co.nz At present we’re really pasionate about getting Internet service delivered to those ‘hard to reach people’. We built […]

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Latest Blog

The Australian Union App – A Fail in IT

A FaceBook friend shared an interest in building a mobile phone application to consolidate event information from a range of FaceBook ‘pages’ and ‘groups’ in to a single location so the information can be broadcast to the collection of interested […]

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